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faithful city. the website aimed at people seeking extramarital affairs it showed they had 9 highest number with 24,000 adulterers. the other places, the texas cities of austin and houston followed by miami and oklahoma city, kansas. ashley madison's ceo has a tear re. he explains, with enormous public attention paid to the general petraeus affair there is no doubt washington residents would be influenced. it is crucial to keep up appearances and it is a way of life for many of the city's most powerful residents. he then went head first into a volcano. for more we spoke to a new ashley madison member. >> the gate is his marriage and he feels trapped. it is a metaphor. >> jedediah, it is clear whose fault it is that dc is number one on the list? >> barack obama. >> thank you. next story, please. >> impeach impeachment. until we get a new president it will just get worse. this doesn't surprise me that the numbers were high in dc. what does surprise me was new york city is not high on the list. if there is an area where power and glory and all of that and money and having a hot girl on your ar
and homophobic. and want to add in a bottle of soda when you on ready a pizza? if you live in new york city you will thought be able to. if you don't live in new york city, i commend on you your choice. and meatballs made of horse meat? some say yes and others say nay. greg? >> hour hay -- or hay as a sidedish? >> i will be here all week. >> i am not sure about that. >> we'll see jie. go away. >>> let's welcome our guest. if thoughtful commentary were a cruiseship many couples would spend their honeymoon on her. contributor, great place, and he is so smart that mnsa takes tests to enter him, jaime weinstein. he is one of the authors of the e book "the lizard king." and in spain he is considered topous, bill schulz. and because i lost a bet, sitting next to me comedian paul mccurio. you can check him out as well as his lips on his pod cast on itunes called the paul mccurio show. how original. must have taken weeks to come up with that. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. but i wish it was the last. >> it was as quipy as it was tripy. seth macfarlane made some jokes and jenni
out of it. i like that. very good. >>> coming up, should all white people be forced to live in a city under the sea? sherrod small discusses his new book how to fix america. thoughtful, by the way. and is 72 the new 30 and are carrots the new cheese? the answer may arouse you. >>> the odds of death have never been less. people are living so much longer that 72 is the new 30. according to a study from the max plank institute for demographic research. since 1900 life expectancy has gone up faster than ever thanks to advances in gum. the study which focused on famously long-living swedish and japanese men determined that their counterparts in the year 1800 would have life spans more like cave men than modern men. meaning the prim ma tiff men had the same odds of croaking as modern swedish and japanese dudes at age 72. we asked the typical swede to comment. >> you know, he is 147. but in dog years which is weird for a cat. so sherrod, i saw this and heard the great story. the reason they say 70 is the new 30 means that you will be like a 30-year-old at 70, but it really means in the old d
as they are livenedy. san francisco, a city, banned plastic shopping bags for the cloth kind in an effort to help the environment and birds. what is good for seagulls is bad for nonseagulls or creatures who can't fly. researchers say the sacks con intay potentially harmful bacteria and have killed humans. they found that, quote, the san francisco ban is linked to 46% increase from deaths of food born illnesses. this implies an increase of 5.5 annual deaths for the county. that's five and a half people or one kris christy. >> a little weight joke. >> they know using standard estimates we show that the health costs associated with the san francisco ban swamps any budget terry savings. the problems have been around for a longtime according to one expert. >> it has been around a longtime, and as a result it does take quite a longtime to make change. even the best one in the world. >> it never, ever gets old. >> you have to have a bag person there to block out the bag. >> you know that was the only time he has done tv. he gets excited. it is a plastic bag. what happened with the cloth bag . we lost a
york city. >> his only protection is a strict doorman. >> and a condom. >> the irony was cat stevens called for his death apparently which i thought was funny. he would ride into town on a peace train and stab him to death. >> i have two solutions for this. katherine bigelow should have him accept the offer and he can do it in disguise. he can do it dressed as a fat person. there is a show called talk here in england where they have a guy who is testing automobiles. why doesn't he have his own show? it is a reality show about being -- what do you call it when you go to witness relocation? >> you can wear the same mask as the mu jigs. >> there was a magician that gave it away. >> you know who hates him? magicians. >> i love how the seal saw the movie "zero dark 30" and said it was too long. there were mistakes in the movie. >> it was really long. i judge a movie's length by the numbness of my butt. >> how is the movie doing? did he move back in? >> he can start an escort service because he delivered 70 virgins to a tall, hairy guy. >> from a seal to not real. should we shun the toy gu
goes off to the big city. next thing you know you are doing porn. >> i think she is now from brooklyn so she went from one crazy cult to another. >> is she in brooklyn now? all of that foolish talk she did is not going to work there. you can't be a racist in new york. you would be exhausted at the end of the day. >> williamsburg is cool for t-shirts. >> it just saysghf. greg you mentioned do playboy orie yacht show? or reality show, what she needs to do is come on "red eye." >> absolutely. i have never really seen her before. >> we might send her right back to the church. >> that's true. she would say i disagree with god and i hate bill schulz. god definitely hates bill schulz. >> lori, this came up, you were saying before the show you thought they always tbot a bad wrap. -- got a bad wrap. does this change that? >> before the show? i thought that was off limits. >> god no. >> it is evil. it is a cult. i don't know why it doesn't call itself that, or why we in the media don't use that term to describe what it is, hateful, horrible and unless you are wheat christian het trough sexual t
sale is on now. test their hair? well a kansas city high school, is there any other kind, is planning to collect the greasy locks from students to conduct mandatory drug tests. starting next year rock wood high will take 60 strands from each student and any drug add adolescents will have 90 days to get drug free. if we do encounter a student who made bad decisions with drugs or alcohol we will be able to intervene and get the parents involved and get him help and help him get back on the path of better decision making hell -- >> rut worst prompter reader. -- you are the worst prompter reader. >> that is supposed to be said in his ear by a producer. how dare you vocalize this? >> carry on. >> we will start this show over with somebody else in that chair. >> me in a dress, please. >> i believe we have tape of the principal getting high on life. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> that could have been you, lori. >> you were saying in the green room that the school is punishing kids for being wrong. you said the more kids that are high the better it is. that's what you said. >> and then you said,
come from the inner city? >> most come from single mothers. >> really? >> ♪ all the single mothers ♪ all the single mothers >> i think you will agree on my other point is which is why this leads to my conclusion once you have committed a violent crime. i think death penalty. i will give chuck coleson one year of prison ministries. if they can turn them into a person, then death. >> wow. >> there is a lot of -- >> scientology maybe. >> that's a fantastic idea. >> children of god. >> who doesn't love a good ekinkar. >> they are known for obeying things. that would be very good. it makes perfect sense. it is a salon for rapists and murderers. it is like dorothy parker's round table. but instead of changing literary gossip it is a recipe for a chiv. you can't do isolated confinement because then they go nuts. they need to be around people, but it doesn't matter what they are saying. >> have i a solution to this. legalize drugs. you prevent like criminals from turning to violent ones. they said criminals come out fatter than they were. all you are doing is making them into body builde
kind, jonathon, features an american city under attack. it is to the strains of "we are the world." >> god, i hate abba. it was posted on something called youtube by the country state run media. and it shows a man dreaming about a flying -- a man flying a space shuttle around a world. it also features video i'm memgs -- images with sub titles, quote, somewhere in the u.s. black clouds of smoke are billowing. it seems the nest of wickedness is a blaze with a fire started by itself. what the hell. let's play it. >> you know, they convinced me that we all do deserve to die. former ambassador and current president of "red eye" tells fox news the film is another disturbing reminder that a nuclear capable north korea is a threat in the region. he takes the fun out of everything. on tuesday north korea posted a second video to youtube. >> didn't she used to work on "red eye"? jonathon, you claim to be a reporter though we see no evidence of it. at least here on fox news. this is really a work of art. it is not a political statement. >> it is fabulous and everybody should calm dawn. why a
, the tag line for "deep impact" oceans rise, cities fall, hopes rise. >> by the way, you don't don't want to know where i have that tatood. >> the air ma get done tag is heads up. >> you can figure out where i have that tatoo. >> the cruiseship story -- apparently my joke about my apartment stole a joke you were going to do? >> that's fine. i was about to make the same joke so i decided not to because you had already done it. >> i thought when i was writing that line, for the audience they perceive me has somebody with a neat apartment. it didn't make a lot of sense. >> i don't think either joke had thunder really. >> i have a lovely apartment. >> i don't think you are qualified to judge jokes. >> you're right. i'm not. >> i had a little problem with the strong bow reference at the top. i thought that was a funny wrestling reference. it might be too old. did you know who he was? >> i am still trying to figure it out. at first i thoughts she was on she's out of your league. >> he was the biggest wrestler of the 1970s. he was big. a big marquis name. >> you have to go with super fly scnooka
in trouble. i don't care he likes big butts. he is a cop. he is not just a politician. he is a jersey city cop. why is he liking this violent page? it is one thing if he said i am looking to identify suspects that would be a valid reason. but he didn't say that. he denied he even like i had it. he even liked it. honestly and he made gay slurs in the past. >> you know what i just realized? he likes big butts and he did lie. >> part of my head is expanding and another part is shrinking. >> that's how you do it, columbia, university. >> you should be teaching the kids and not some shirtless weird owe. bill, you are not on facebook, but you are on thigh book. same thing. how do you keep from getting in trouble? how do you keep from letting people know the sick and sorded sorded -- sorted things. >> i am not known as a person or entity that people say bill did this. i have been thinking about this. i love the ladies, but nothing ever good comes out of the sentence. you say i love the ladies, but, you are usually trying to explain away something you are guilty of. either you have done something
to watch television, but small dosages. >> the thing, is, you only watch sex and the city marathons and you steal people's shoes and shove them into the or physicians. the orfices. >> this makes zero sense. why do we want wimpy kids? i was not an aggressive kid. i watched a lot of aggressive television and it taught me -- if anything it taught me how to deal with bullies. when he was coming at me with a baseball bat, it did not help me. >> but that's the p oi nt. it is not about violence. it is about the anti-realism of television. if you are dumb enough to believe you can learn anything from tv like tv doesn't tell you anything about marriage, doesn't tell you anything about teen inning aers. teenagers. eye of pas. people on tv wear eye patches because they cool? no, they are pliend -- blind in one eye. it is not fare. i have an eye patch and it is not cool. the homeless guys that are always -- if you take him home and clean him up they will be nice. no they will take a dump in the living room. >> what are you watching? >> i am just watching -- -- he a bum who is taking a dump. i blame you
. 234 east fourth street, best southern food in all of new york city. 234, that's how i remember. >> i have something to plug. >> go ahead. >> i will be on huckabee on saturday talking about some things. actually they won't let me in the studio, but i will be in time square.
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)